Shipping Software Puzzle Pieces

DigitalShipper is a national sales and service leader of multi-carrier, enterprise wide shipping execution solutions. Since 1991, we have been helping businesses of all sizes automate and improve the efficiency of their shipping and distribution operations. We provide complete, integrated and automated shipping solutions which streamline and drive excess costs out of your Small Parcel and LTL/FTL shipping operations.

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Our goal is to work as your strategic partner and be an integral component of the success of your distribution operations.

With over 35 years of industry experience, our company is driven to provide the most advanced software for shipping execution with technology, features, and carrier capabilities. Our best-in-class approach is reflected in our software architecture and our commitment to our customers.

DigitalShipper customers have been able to reduce costs, improve their supply chain proceses, and leverage control over carriers while increasing service levels to the business units and customers they support. Most of our customers experience a 100% ROI within three to nine months from initial system implementation. Many of our customers have increased shipping productivity 25% - 50% after implementing a DigitalShipper solution.

DigitalShipper solutions are designed for rapid implementation and maximum return on investment. No other shipping execution software company has the breadth of offering, depth of capability and proven track record.

With a DigitalShipper solution, you will experience:

  • A reduction in total shipment processing time
  • Improved customer service with real time communication to your host application
  • A reduction of human errors and their associated costs by eliminating data entry and keying
  • Immediate invoicing and improved turnaround on receivables
  • Optimization of shipping logic and procedures
  • Automated compliance forms and label generation
  • Electronic processing of UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, Regional Parcel Carriers, and LTL/FTL
  • Complete LTL/FTL capabilities with multiple freight class rating and automated Bill of Lading generation
  • Strong International Shipment functionality with built-in standard export documents including Commercial Invoice, SED, NAFTA, Certificate of Origin
  • Accessibility to our data store for reporting and auditing purposes
  • Extensive rate shopping for least cost and time in transit
  • Leverage and control over carriers