DigitalShipper Enterprise is built on Microsoft .NET technologies and is one of the most robust and versatile shipping applications on the market today. Whether automating your shipping processes using DigitalShipper Enterprise’s Web Services or through the standard Browser Plug-in Architecture, you can quickly adapt to business changes and solve even the most complicated warehouse problems.

DigitalShipper provides a true enterprise-level shipping architecture with many benefits:

  • Reduction in the total cost of hardware, software, maintenance and IT resources
  • Ease of configuring and managing each location’s shipping needs
  • Accessibility and visibility of shipping data from all locations
  • Unlimited users, workstations, and carrier accounts

DigitalShipper Shipping Software Overview

DigitalShipper Enterprise offers compliant modules for all major carriers – FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL. As well as compliant modules for several regional carriers including Spee-Dee Delivery, OnTrac, Eastern Connection, Pitt-Ohio, Prestige Delivery Systems, and Lone Star Overnight. And our enhanced postal solution connects you to these postal partners: Stamps.com, Parcel Partners, and Express 1. DigitalShipper Enterprise is also geared to handle all your LTL/TL, international, freight forwarding, regional carrier, local courier, and internal truck shipments.