Top 10 Reasons to Buy

DigitalShipper Enterprise is your intelligent choice for flexibility and proven to solve today’s and tomorrow’s most challenging shipping requirements.

Open Architecture Database – DigitalShipper uses a single Microsoft SQL Server database to store all transactional shipping information for all locations making the data readily available for custom reports and data extraction using common applications such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and Crystal Reports.

The DigitalShipper Management Console - provides easy configuration and management for all carrier accounts and information for all locations from a single, centralized console application.

Web-based User Interface – The robust, browser-based user interface is built on Microsoft .NET technologies and delivers quick access to DigitalShipper from anywhere within your organization.

Unlimited Users – access to DigitalShipper does not require the purchase of any additional software licenses and does not require installing any custom client software. Just configure the user, site access, and their role and immediately they can access DigitalShipper from anywhere on your network.

Unlimited Carrier Accounts – whether you are shipping with your account or need to configure additional accounts for your customers or partners, DigitalShipper supports an unlimited number of accounts per carrier. Process shipments using the default account or select the appropriate account using the same ship via codes, eliminating the hassle of setting up unique ship via codes for each account.

Easy to Install – when it comes to installing our software, run the setup package and you are ready to start configuring your sites, carriers accounts and users. DigitalShipper can be installed on all Microsoft-supported Windows operating systems. With a SQL Server database as the backend data store you can choose to use your own database server or install our default SQL Server Express database.

Easy to Implement – DigitalShipper has a Plug-in Architecture that is your key to customizing the software quickly and easily. Using any language that supports a .NET interface, you can program your business rules using the tools you are most comfortable with. Extending shipping functionality to other applications is just as easy using the DigitalShipper Web Services.

Easy to Use – the standard browser that comes with DigitalShipper is easy to use, intuitive, and easy to train your operators on for all the basic shipping processes that are part of their daily routine. Having one software process all your shipments, ensures your users are shipping packages the right way every time.

Easy to Maintain – by deploying DigitalShipper Enterprise in a server environment, you will gain many benefits and satisfy core business needs that address security, reliability, usability, and supportability. These factors simplify IT processes and generate substantial cost savings for your organization. Maintenance of DigitalShipper is easy and requires very little IT support.

Low Cost of Ownership – DigitalShipper is one of the most affordable enterprise-level applications available in the market today. Having a lower initial cost for software translates to lower ongoing maintenance costs. DigitalShipper is priced to meet the needs for all types of customers – whether you ship 50 packages per day or more than 5,000 packages per day.