DigitalShipper Express - Multi Carrier Shipping Software

The perfect solution for
handling low to high
volume parcel and
LTL shipping for a
single origin point.

DigitalShipper Express

DigitalShipper Express offers a feature-rich, multi-carrier solution at a fraction of the cost of other shipping software in the marketplace. With a browser-based user interface you are able to quickly configure unlimited workstations and users to access the application from anywhere within your organization. The multi-carrier functionality unifies shipping processes and consolidates work to increase efficiency and throughput.

Ship with any of the built-in carrier modules including UPS, FedEx, U.S. Postal Service, and DHL. Use the standard Generic Carrier to ship packages with Local Courier Companies, Will Call Pickup, Internal Delivery Services, Non-Compliant Carriers, and LTL Carriers. Several regional carrier and specialty modules are also available.

The Data Wizard provides step-by-step screens to easily connect to the host database via ODBC/OLE DB and quickly map fields for automation from any accounting, order entry or warehouse management system. The Data Wizard provides a “Pull” method to retrieve common shipping information such as ship to address, ship via method, special instructions, and billing guidelines. The “Set” method handles inserting or updating the results of shipping, such as the tracking number, weight and freight charges, back to the host system either per package or per shipment. Additionally if a package or shipment is voided, DigitalShipper Express can immediately change the data in the host system for data accuracy.

DigitalShipper Express Flow Diagram

DigitalShipper Express provides the ability to add Generic Carriers and services within the Management Console. Out of the box DigitalShipper Express will print the generic carrier label per package. If a tracking number is mapped from the host or entered by the user, it will print in bar-coded format on the generic label. DigitalShipper Express can also automatically generate simple tracking numbers based on industry standard algorithms.

DigitalShipper Express Features

DigitalShipper Express provides an easy process for your LTL Shipments and can generate a standard Straight Bill Of Lading. The user can manually enter the NMFC (National Motor Freight Classification) items at the time of shipping or select an item from the Global Bill Of Lading Items database. Pro number and LTL freight charges can be manually entered by the user on the Shipments page to capture the data and pass the information back to the host system.

DigitalShipper Express includes several Global Databases to store important information that may be needed during the shipping process. These databases include an Address Book for storing commonly shipped to addresses; a Hazardous Materials table to allow the user to select the item with pre-defined data to ensure the proper information is passed along to the carrier; an International Commodities table to store customs information that is necessary when preparing international shipments; and a Bill Of Lading table to store freight class information to allow the user to quickly process LTL shipments.

DigitalShipper Express offers Rate Shopping using the carrier rates to determine the least cost carrier service based on services that have been configured in a Rate Shop Group. If a service is not available to the destination, it will automatically be excluded from the result.

Package Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) are critical to calculating the billable weight for packages and can be handled several ways in DigitalShipper Express: user can manually enter the dimensions, map the dimensions from the host system using the Data Wizard to automatically populate the fields, or configure standard box sizes in the BOX.XML so they appear in the drop down list for the user to select at the time of shipping.

Blind Shipping allows the return address to be altered from the default information provided by the software license. Typically this is used by customers that drop ship product to an end user on behalf of another company. Blind shipping can either be set by the user entering the "From" fields at the time of shipping or mapping the information from the host system to automatically populate the fields.

DigitalShipper Express provides several Standard Documents including a Straight Bill Of Lading and Commercial Invoice. Additionally, the user can access the built-in reports or directly extract data from the database to create custom reports and other documents.

Additional features include Custom Preferences for defaulting a specific carrier service, billing account, or return address for certain customers; Auto Ship multiple same weight boxes in a shipment going to the same destination; and Print Multiple Labels for generic carrier shipments.

DigitalShipper Express provides a seamless migration path to the more robust DigitalShipper Enterprise product, which includes a plug-in architecture for customizing functionality beyond the Data Wizard, and SOA Web Services for creating your own shipping application or integrating shipping features into other .NET ready applications.