DigitalShipper PDSN

DigitalShipper PDSN

DigitalShipper PDSN (Pack, Document, Ship, Notify) is a multi-function software that simplifies many processes that are either overlooked in the warehouse or have resulted in very tedious tasks due to not having the right tool for the job.

DigitalShipper PDSN can bridge the gap that often exists when certain functionality is limited or not existing in the Order Entry or Warehouse Management software.  The missing functionality is largely focused around providing key information to outside partners, vendors, carriers, and even customers.  As the product moves through the warehouse and reaches the last point at the dock, your company should feel assured that all outside parties have the proper documentation and knowledge of the shipment before it leaves your facility.

As part of the suite of DigitalShipper products, DigitalShipper PDSN can be further enhanced with a license of DigitalShipper Enterprise or DigitalShipper Web Services to perform shipping directly out of PDSN without having to switch to another application.  The DigitalShipper Portal can also be used to improve and streamline the flow of data between any number of host systems and DigitalShipper PDSN.

The following are some of the common tasks that DigitalShipper PDSN is used for:

Pick/Pack Item Verification Order item detail can be retrieved from the host system for the user to select items and input quantities for each package in the DigitalShipper PDSN “Build A Box” feature.

Packing List Generation Once items have been associated with each package in the shipment, a detailed packing list can be printed to accompany the shipment or emailed to an individual or list of recipients.  DigitalShipper PDSN can support multiple versions of reports to generate customized packing lists based on certain customers.

Inventory Reduction DigitalShipper PDSN can communicate back to the host system the actual items and quantities packed for an order so that the host system can automatically adjust the inventory.

Invoice Triggering Once an order has shipped through DigitalShipper PDSN, the order status can be changed or flags set within the host system to trigger the generation of the invoice for billing purposes.

Valuation for Insurance or C.O.D. (Collect On Delivery) By accurately identifying which items are in which box, the exact amount of the items can be then applied to the C.O.D. amount or set the insurance/declared value for each package.

Trading Partner Compliance Because DigitalShipper PDSN captures package level detail, it is ideal for generating the required UCC-128 labeling for cartons, master cartons, contents or pallets for trading partner compliance for companies like Wal-Mart, Target, The Home Depot, and Lowes.  Labels can be designated for DC or store location and support single item or mixed mode.

Provide Data to VAN (Value Added Network) Software DigitalShipper PDSN can provide your existing VAN software with the crucial shipping information along with order and order detail data for generating ASN (Advance Ship Notice) and other type of EDI (electronic data interchange) transactions.

Bill of Lading Generation For LTL (Less than Truck Load) and FTL (Full Truck Load) shipments, DigitalShipper PDSN can generate standard Straight Bills of Lading (BOL) and VICS-compliant Bills of Lading (VICS-BOL).  For shipment consolidation, a master Bill of Lading can be generated.

International Export Document Generation For international shipments that require customs paperwork, DigitalShipper PDSN can generate these standard documents: Commercial Invoice, Shipper Export Declaration (SED), Canada Customs Invoice, NAFTA Certificate of Origin (English, French, and Spanish versions), Certificate of Origin, Shipper’s Letter of Instruction, and Pro Forma Invoice.

Properly Prepare International Shipments When shipping international, most major carriers require package level detail to accompany the shipment in electronic format.  DigitalShipper PDSN can provide most shipping execution software applications with the information needed to meet these requirements. 

Generate Email Messages Having copies of the documentation ahead of time is often critical to expediting the shipment to its final destination.  With DigitalShipper PDSN you can create electronic copies of your documents and attach them directly to an email message to send to an individual or list of recipients (i.e. sending Commercial Invoice copy to freight forwarder for pre-shipment preparation).

Supplemental Data DigitalShipper PDSN can store key information for inventory items that a host system may not be able to such as country of manufacture, Unit Weight, Schedule B/Harmonized Code, sub items for kit parts, NMFC item number, and NMFC freight class.  When items are retrieved from the host system, the missing data is filled in from the item database in DigitalShipper PDSN.