DigitalShipper Parcel Mail Solutions

Save Money with DigitalShipper
Parcel Mail Solutions

DigitalShipper provides innovative postal solutions to meet your business needs helping you save time and money:

  • USPS Manifesting
  • Express 1
  • DYMO Endicia
  • UPS Mail Innovations

How can DigitalShipper help my
company with postal shipping?

DigitalShipper is ideal for shipping postal parcels, envelopes and flat-rate boxes for domestic and international destinations whether you are a small volume or high volume shipper. Because of the different Mail Solutions available in DigitalShipper, you can choose one or more to ship your packages based on your needs.

Using the rate shop capabilities and/or customizing Plug-ins you can select the appropriate service level and mail module (i.e. Express1, based on business rules such as package weight (i.e. under 3 LBS select Express1; 3 LBS or more select or packaging type (i.e. Priority Flat Rate Box always ship via Express1).

DigitalShipper’s USPS module is compliant for Manifest Mailing and geared towards medium to large volume shippers. As well your company can use mail expeditors such as FedEx SmartPost and UPS Mail Innovations in DigitalShipper for handling large volume of postal packages.