An important part of any project is the testing phase. It is proven that well thought out and planned testing can result in a successful go-live and minimize risks. If needed, we work with our customers to help them establish a test plan that complies with their standards and contains relevant test cases that provide adequate coverage across all the business requirements outlined in the CAO documents and features in DigitalShipper.

DigitalShipper Tester

Our standards and guidelines for testing are modeled around these three key components:

  • Test Strategy – determine the testing approach in terms of resources, test environment, test data, participants and their roles, schedule, and procedures
  • Test Scenarios – outline the situations (pass and fail) that need to be tested
  • Test Scripts – what are the user actions, expected inputs, and expected outputs

It is not our practice to fully execute test plans on behalf of our customers, but we do our best to assist our customers where we can from writing test cases to training participants to analyzing data.