The DigitalShipper Advantage

Batch Shipping has never been simpler to use with DigitalShipper!

DigitalShipper includes a built-in batch shipping screen that allows you to import your set of addresses from an external file or directly connect to your host system’s database. For frequently used external files you can set up a template for importing the data.

DigitalShipper provides a very easy to use screen to select which batch to ship and provides an on screen progress bar for the current job. DigitalShipper generates error labels to easily identify any problem records during the batch and a summary report upon completion to handle errors individually after the batch is complete.

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Batch Shipping

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What is batch shipping?

Batch Shipping is the process of taking a group of addresses and automatically generating a carrier compliant label for each address through some type of shipping software.

Typically all the shipments share the same characteristics – such as same weight box, same carrier and same service level – and the only difference is the ship to address. However, Batch Shipping can be more complex where multiple boxes are shipped to each address, the weight of the boxes differ, different carrier and service levels are pre-assigned, rate shopping may determine the least cost shipping method, and accessorials such as Residential Delivery, Saturday Delivery or Insurance may be applied.

What are some common uses for batch shipping?

Batch Shipping is used for many different purposes, these are the most common:

  • Catalog Distribution
  • Sales Rep Samples
  • Store Location Product Displays
  • Warehouse Wave or Batch Fulfillment
  • Full Case Order Fulfillment
  • Subscription Products
  • Repair Parts

Batch Shipping can be done in a fully automated method where the process is completely unattended or a semi-automated method where the user may be required to input additional data or verify information for each address as it is processed through the system.

What do you use for a data source for batch shipping?

A company can use Batch Shipping for their own internal order processing or for fulfilling orders on behalf of other businesses where they drop ship products directly to the end user. Data can come from a single source or many sources and can also be of different formats.

WMS (Warehouse Management System), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), TMS (Transportation Management System) or OE (Order Entry) software typically have the capability of grouping orders together into a batch or wave. A number is assigned to the batch or wave in order to release it for fulfillment. This batch or wave number can then be used by the shipping system to retrieve the addresses associated with the batch or wave.

For non-order or external data the addresses are commonly put into a spreadsheet or flat file (“fixed length” .txt file or “comma delimited” .csv file). This file can then be imported into the shipping system and then used for Batch Shipping.

What are the advantages of batch shipping?

Batch Shipping improves efficiency by automating repetitive tasks. Additionally, Batch Shipping can reduce or eliminate the operator tasks to process a shipment. Companies that process a high volume of batch shipments often have designated workstations to perform the job and use high speed printers with auto rewind mechanisms to manage the printed labels.