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Best Shipping Software

If you talk to any third party vendor company and ask them about their software, they will likely tout they have the “best shipping software”. It shouldn’t be a matter of finding the overall best shipping software, but the best suitable shipping software for your company based on your needs.

When it comes to carrier compliance, most shipping software is going to be apples-for-apples. Each vendor must certify their software using the same process with each of the carriers. What differentiates the software is the features, workflow, user interface, flexibility, expandability, customizations, etc. And one very important factor is taking into consideration the people you will be working with to take your project from design to go-live and onward.

Working with a vendor that focuses on customer service and has a proven track record for project success is going to likely deliver your company the best shipping software. In the sales process it is important to get references and to actually call the references. You will have an opportunity to ask candid questions and get truthful answers from an actual customer using the software.

What makes DigitalShipper the best shipping software?

It is our ability to recognize in the sales process what your requirements are and knowing we have the right software that will meet or exceed your current and future needs. We know we can’t be everything to everyone. Just like companies choose our software, we also choose our customers. We know once the commitment to move forward with DigitalShipper is set in motion, we look forward to a successful project and long-term relationship. And yes, we believe we have and strive to make the best shipping software!