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LTL Shipping

LTL Shipping (Less Than Truckload) and TL Shipping (Truckload) often are part of the shipping operations in warehouses. For large orders, it can be cheaper to ship to the customer on pallets via a truck carrier versus individual cartons via a small parcel carrier. And some products may be more suitable for LTL Shipping based on their overall size and weight.

For many companies, LTL Shipping is a manual process that is handled in a particular area of the warehouse that has ample space for moving large pallets and staging them for pickup. These areas must be able to allow a forklift or pallet jack to maneuver pallets. And depending on operations, there may be a floor scale for weighing pallets.

LTL Shipping can be a tedious, manual process where the shipper has to hand fill out a Bill Of Lading form and then affix simple address labels to the pallets. When the driver comes to pick up the shipment, they will assign a pro number from a book of pro numbers (this is the tracking number for the shipment used for tracking and billing purposes).

The manual processes associated with LTL Shipping can create bottlenecks for a company because the pro number copy is physically attached to a piece of paper and may take time to get updated on the customer’s order. And freight charges may not be able to get billed until the shipment is delivered and the company has been billed by the carrier.

DigitalShipper has created a built-in feature for LTL Shipping that can benefit any company that ships truck shipments and needs to generate Bills of Lading. The DigitalShipper generic carrier module allows a company to setup as many truck companies as they would like in the system and preconfigure accounts to store blocks of pro numbers and rate files. The built-in LTL Shipping capabilities in DigitalShipper include:

  • Pro Number Generation using Industry Standard Algorithms
  • Built-in table for storing product information along with NMFCs
  • Rate structure that supports weight breaks with minimum charges
  • Rating using a base rate table with freight company discounts applied
  • Rating using multiple freight classes and FAK freight classes
  • Rating using deficit weights (checks next highest weight break for cheaper rate)
  • Rating for common accessorials (i.e. liftgate, inside delivery, residential delivery)
  • Rate shopping LTL Carriers configured in DigitalShipper
  • Standard Straight Bill of Lading
  • Printing for Pallet-Level Labels

The benefits of processing LTL Shipping and TL Shipping through DigitalShipper include:

  • Customer orders can be processed the same way as small parcel shipments (i.e. UPS, FedEx)
  • Automate the data exchange with a host system (i.e. ship to address, pro number, freight charges)
  • Generate a rate for the LTL shipment that can be invoiced immediately to the customer
  • Centralized system for processing LTL shipments and tracking shipment history
  • Generate the pro number (tracking number) for visibility of the shipment
  • Ability to customize the LTL process (subject to Professional Services)

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