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3 Easy Ways to Lower Your Shipping Costs

With the rising cost of freight it is an ongoing battle for companies to lower their shipping costs. For some companies their strategy is to switch back and forth between the big two – UPS and FedEx. And the battlefield becomes a place where the sword slashes away at prices and the winner rises only temporarily because they had the edge up on discounts for that round. But there are plenty of other ways your company can lower shipping costs and be in better control of the processes that may ultimately add up to huge savings.

5 Critical Holiday Shipping Tips to Get Product to Your Customers in Time

It’s that time of the year where the Christmas holiday season is just around the corner. For retailers this is the most important few months of the year and is the measuring stick for how successful their business is and even how the economy is doing. Companies are already gearing up with inventory and looking at strategies for how they will get their product to market and customers on time. Even if your company does not seasonally ship, you can be affected by the holiday madness. This article shares 5 valuable holiday shipping tips to prepare your company for what’s ahead this season.

How to Save Significant Money on Your LTL Freight Spend

Negotiating great discounts with LTL companies may be hard if your annual freight spend does not meet or exceed a certain amount. And likely you have a handful of LTL companies that you work with whether they are regionally-based or have a better track record for getting product into certain areas. Now that you spread your shipping volume across more than one LTL carrier, you reduce the leverage even further for negotiating.

How is it possible to save more money on your LTL freight costs? There are great alternatives that your company can take advantage of without sacrificing control over which carriers you use and without contractual commitments. Read more...

“How to Guide” on Address Validation and Corrections

In this “How to Guide” learn the best practices for validating ship to addresses and the critical importance of where address cleansing should take place. By implementing address verification tools you will save money not only in transportation costs but also customer service costs while improving the delivery rate on orders. The result is better customer satisfaction by simply ensuring you have the correct address before shipping.

Information Technology's Role in Shipping Software Selection

Shipping Software goes beyond the warehouse and in today’s technology environments it is managed by most IT departments. Features of the shipping software are not the only deciding factor – hardware system requirements, other software, ease of installation and ongoing maintenance are just as important and often part of the discussion in the sales process.

5 Ways to Make Your Shipping Department More Efficient and Reduce Errors

Gone are the days of hand airway bills and preprinted tracking number labels. Whether you are using shipping software provided by the carrier or from a 3rd party vendor, is your company doing everything to run your shipping department efficiently and error-free?

We have taken over 20 years of industry experience across a wide range of business sectors including top Fortune 500 companies to put together 5 valuable tips. Find out how you can easily incorporate these 5 tips and more.

6 Most Common Shipping Mistakes

Shipping departments are tasked with rushing orders out the door and having to manually process exceptions due to problems upstream. These everyday occurrences can lead to making common shipping mistakes that often go unnoticed. Find out how to fix these mistakes and improve the efficiency of your shipping department.

What Your Customers Think About Freight Charges

Whether you offer free shipping or charge freight to your customers there is an emotional impact on them when they place an order. There are many different ways you can overcome the continual rate increases by the carriers and still offer your customers a great deal.

3 Tips to Increase Profits on Shipping

In today’s competitive market, buyers want to save money on their shipping costs, but your company can still turn the shipping department into a profit center or at least break even.


December 2012 - DYMO Endicia is now available in DigitalShipper Enterprise and Express as a compliant module for processing packages as part of our PC Postage solution.

October 2012 - Attended the annual Parcel Forum 2012 Show in Chicago, Illinois.

August 2012 - DigitalShipper's Partner, Consona Corporation, merges with CDC Software to form Aptean - both enterprise application software (EAS) providers of on-premise and cloud technologies.

May 2012 - Attended the Consona (Aptean) Connect User Conference in Indianapolis, IN.

February 2012 - DigitalShipper is selected by Consona Corporation (now Aptean) as their partner offering an integrated multi-carrier solution for their ERP customer base.

October 2011 - Attended the annual Parcel Forum 2011 Show in Chicago, Illinois.

September 2011 - Lone Star Overnight is now available in DigitalShipper Enterprise and Express as a compliant module offering overnight delivery utilizing both air and ground transportation within and between Texas, Oklahoma, western Louisiana, southern New Mexico and, through Lone Star Overnight’s partnerships, every address in Mexico.

August 2011 - DigitalShipper is now offering a unique Postal bundle for customers who ship with the USPS. The bundle includes the following compliant modules:, Parcel Partners and Express 1. By using DigitalShipper Enterprise and Express’ special postal rate shop, the least cost carrier of the three modules will be selected maximizing your cost savings.

July 2011 - Parcel Partners is now available in DigitalShipper Enterprise and Express as a compliant module for shipping a variety of flat-rate boxes through the USPS at discounted prices with a minimum of 25 packages/day or 250 packages/month.

June 2011 - is now available in DigitalShipper Enterprise and Express as a compliant module for processing packages with the leading provider of online postage. Read the official press release “ Announces New Integration With DigitalShipper Software”.

April 2011 - DigitalShipper now offers an online LTL solution to its customers with discounted freight for small to medium-sized businesses, benefiting from deeper discounts by participating in an aggregate freight spend group. By Q4 2011 DigitalShipper will feature a built-in module in its Enterprise and Express software to allow customers to process shipments with the LTL solution along with their other carrier modules with rate shopping capabilities.

March 2011 - Express 1 is now available in DigitalShipper Enterprise and Express as a compliant module for processing USPS Priority and Express Mail packages at a discount with an authorized USPS Solutions Provider.

January 2011 - DigitalShipper has teamed up with a leading parcel negotiator and freight auditing company to help reduce freight costs by getting you the most competitive small package contract in the industry. Many DigitalShipper and non-DigitalShipper customers have been able to reduce their freight costs by 15 – 35%.