Packing tips for delicate jewelry

November 5, 2014 at 5:07 PMAdministrator
Shipping software can help distributors ensure the safe travels of all inventory.

Sending delicate jewelry requires excellent packaging and thorough preparation to ensure its safe arrival. Shippers should consider the following tips when sending jewelry to buyers.

No movement
Like all fragile items, there should be no movement or space to rattle in the box once the packing is complete. Movement of product indicates a large possibility the item will either bump into another item in the same box or be smashed as it travels through sorting machines, as there is nothing to protect it from impact. Wrap jewelry in bubble wrap several times so its shape is not distinguishable through the casing.

Many items come with boxes or bags designed specifically for their shapes. Use these whenever possible. 

There are many cost-effective solutions shippers and small businesses can use to ensure their jewelry items do not move around during transit. Materials like empty egg cartons, crumpled newspaper, empty paper towel rolls and shredded paper are excellent choices. If using shredded paper, place handfuls in resealable plastic bags and distribute these throughout the box. This way, not only will it relieve the recipient of cleaning up a mess, it will be easy to toss once they open their package.

Since necklaces are notorious for tangling in transit, use caution when shipping several at a time. Try threading each necklace through a drinking straw and then clasping it. Placing chunkier pieces in resealable plastic bags is also an option, as long at the clasp is left on the outside.

Boxes and envelopes
While padded envelopes are suitable, never use a flat, cardboard or paper envelope. These are run through machines that could flatten or destroy jewelry. Be sure to put "Fragile" stickers on the outsides of boxes containing delicate items. Boxes should be sealed on all seams, preventing dust and moisture from getting inside. 

Shipping software can help businesses track their inventory and customer satisfaction, ensuring any jewelry sent out arrives safely and on time. 

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