DigitalShipper Shipping Automation

Shipping Automation

DigitalShipper provides a platform for businesses to automate all aspects of their shipping operations using the latest technology in multi-carrier shipping software.

Shipping automation can be as simple as basic data exchange between the host system and the shipping software to eliminate manual entry of address information. Or can be as complex as robotic machinery that can pick product, pack it into a box, tape the box close, and apply a shipping label to it.

Most companies integrate shipping software with their host system to handle data automation such as selecting the carrier and service, applying accessorials, billing freight charges to third party accounts and other business rules that can take the operator guesswork out of the equation.

Some companies incorporate more advanced automation that can greatly increase throughput and lower overall costs of operation. Read more about these processes and take advantage of using DigitalShipper to automate your distribution: