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Shipping Solution

Shipping Solution is comprised of the customized shipping software and any hardware or additional software that is utilized to perform the shipping operations for a company. Rarely is shipping software used off the shelf. When a company purchases shipping software there will be some sort of “project plan” that encompasses getting the software installed and up and running. A company may have their own project team and internal developers that can handle the integration or likely they will choose to work with a vendor.

There are different categories for vendors in the shipping arena:

• Shipping Software Manufacturer – this is a company that manufactures the shipping software and has a direct relationship with the carriers (i.e. FedEx, UPS) to certify the software for carrier compliance

• Shipping Software Reseller – this is a company that resells another company’s shipping software

• Shipping Software Integrator – this can be the Shipping Software Manufacturer, the Shipping Software Reseller or an independent third party company that is responsible for working with the customer on implementing the shipping software

• Systems Integrator – this is a company that not only integrates Shipping Software but also handles other software related to the warehouse (i.e. inventory control, pick/pack applications) and often hardware (i.e. printers, scales, conveyors, material handling equipment (MHE))

DigitalShipper is a Shipping Software Manufacturer: we proudly develop 100% of our shipping software at our headquarters in St. Paul, MN. We do not outsource any development to any other companies or contractors. This also includes all of our customer projects.

DigitalShipper is a Shipping Software Reseller: we have a sales team that is responsible for direct sales that can work with any size company to determine the right shipping solution, provide a product demonstration and quote.

DigitalShipper is a Shipping Software Integrator: we have a highly specialized team of project managers, integration developers, technical support personnel, and customer service representatives that work closely with our customers on all aspects of a project: from kick-off to design to development to training to go-live to ongoing maintenance.

Although DigitalShipper is not a true Systems Integrator, we have partnered with many industry companies to refer our customers for their hardware needs and other software related to the warehouse. Our specialty is shipping execution and working with companies to provide the best shipping solution based on industry trends and best practices.