General Questions

What products and services does DigitalShipper offer?

DigitalShipper offers products and services related to all areas of shipping and transportation logistics. If you need to get your product from point “A” to point “B”, whether you are B2B (Business To Business) or B2C (Business To Consumer), we offer software applications to assist you with your needs and can customize a solution that is right for you.

Products: DigitalShipper offers the following products: DigitalShipper Enterprise, DigitalShipper Express, DigitalShipper Web Services, DigitalShipper Rate Engine, DigitalShipper Portal, and DigitalShipper PDSN.

Services: DigitalShipper offers consulting in the areas of transportation logistics, shipment processes, and outbound shipping. Whether you need a better understanding on how your company can improve existing processes, develop new processes to adapt to changes in your business, complete an RFP (Request For Proposal), or measure your ROI (Return On Investment) our team of specialists can guide you through all areas related to shipping execution.

DigitalShipper specializes in implementing DigitalShipper products for companies including workflow design, technical specifications, business rule development, software installation, setup, testing, deployment, and user training. Our years of industry experience, extensive knowledge in business trends, and best practices will assure you that your company will maximize results when using DigitalShipper products.

Who benefits from DigitalShipper products?

The types of customers that will benefit the most from our solutions are:

  • Companies that ship with one or more of these carriers: National Carriers like UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL; LTL/FTL; International; Regional Carriers like OnTrac, Spee-Dee Delivery, Eastern Connection, Prestige Delivery Systems, Pitt-Ohio, Lone Star Overnight, Dunham Express; Courier Companies; Internal Truck
  • Companies that ship low volume (i.e. 50 packages per day)
  • Companies that ship medium volume (i.e. 5,000 packages per day)
  • Companies that ship high volume (i.e. 50,000+ packages per day)
  • Companies that need a shipping system integrated into their host computer system. Whether it’s an ERP system, warehouse management system or an accounting application, DigitalShipper communicates with your software application producing efficient and seamless results.

Where can I purchase DigitalShipper products?

DigitalShipper products are available to purchase directly from us. We rely on a direct sales team to keep the cost of our software at its lowest point and to maximize your return on investment. Contact sales at (651) 348-4080.

However, if you are a company interested in establishing an OEM relationship or reselling any of our products, we do offer an incentive program so you can offer the same affordable solutions to your customers. Please contact us for more information.

How does DigitalShipper products compare to other software in the marketplace?

There are approximately 20-30 companies that offer multi-carrier shipping software and are often referred to as “3rd party vendors” or “certified solutions partners”. When it comes to carrier compliance, most software is apples-for-apples. The carriers require all companies to follow strict guidelines and vigorous testing to ensure they are able to offer and comply with the services available for “3rd party vendors”. However, it is always good to check with the company to make sure their software offers what you need for each of the carriers you intend to use – some carriers have certain services/features that are optional.

So what’s the difference? 1.) You should pay close attention to the price – make sure you understand the cost of the software, the cost of integration, the cost of customizing the software to accommodate your business rules, and the ongoing cost of maintenance. Some companies do not disclose all of this upfront and you may be surprised later on. 2.) You should understand the technology behind the software – does it have lots of flexibility, is the software built using current technologies, is the software extensible to other applications or does it offer an API in case I want to build my own application around it. 3.) How knowledgeable are the people you will be working with – whether you are using an integration team for all aspects of implementing the software or you are doing the work yourself, you need to have a team of experts available to help you out and they should have industry experience (from working with other companies to carrier compliance awareness), extensive knowledge in business trends, and best practices to back you up. 4.) What features does the software offer that I don’t have to pay extra for – during a demo you may be wooed with some great way to process certain shipments and shown all sorts of neat things, but beware that you may have to pay extra for all those bells and whistles!

How do I decide? This is a tough question to answer. Before you make a decision you should: 1.) Gather the facts on what carriers/services you plan to use and business rules you need to implement – preparing information ahead of time and understanding as much as possible about how your company currently ships and how your would like to ship will help you ask the right questions before you buy. 2.) See a demonstration of the product – schedule time for yourself and others (including key shipping personnel since they will be the ones using it the most) to have a technical sales person show you how the shipping software works and provide an opportunity to ask questions. 3.) Speak to some customers – find out how long they have had the product, how did their implementation go (though don’t weigh too much on this answer because a lot of companies are unprepared for the work involved on their end or don’t fully disclose their participation in what problems occurred), did they get what they expected, do they feel they got good value for the price they paid, does the system ever go down, and how is the support. Some companies are required to do a site visit before purchasing – this probably won’t really do much good since most customers have very customized business rules and even if they have the same host system, it does not guarantee how the software will work for you.

Why you would want to choose DigitalShipper? Hopefully after you see a demonstration of our product and have a chance to compare prices, you will know DigitalShipper is the right solution for you. DigitalShipper relies on 100% satisfaction from our customers and has been built “organically” without any investment money to get to where we are today. Our development team responsible for all our products works directly out of our U.S. office and is not outsourced to developers in other countries. Not only do we want to gain you as a customer, but we also want to keep you as a satisfied customer.

DigitalShipper Enterprise

How long has DigitalShipper Enterprise been on the market?

DigitalShipper Enterprise was first introduced in the marketplace in September 2002. It has been adopted by many Fortune 500 companies and small-mid size businesses for handling all outbound shipping.

How long does it take to implement DigitalShipper Enterprise?

DigitalShipper Enterprise can be implemented in as little as one day including installation, configuration, and basic data exchange for pulling in order information through the Plug-in Architecture. Implementation varies based on the overall goals of each individual company. We work with companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies down to much smaller operations where there are less than 50 employees. The goals and requirements of each company’s project can be considerably different and will determine largely how long the project will take. This causes implementation time to vary from one customer to the next. Installations using our Professional Services team and handling of advanced business processes typically take 4 – 12 weeks.

Why should I purchase DigitalShipper Enterprise when a carrier-provided system is free?

Carrier-provided systems only allow you to ship packages using their services. This would mean if you use multiple carriers in your warehouse that you would need to have a separate workstation for each carrier and users would need to be trained how to use each of the different software applications. DigitalShipper Enterprise eliminates the need for separate workstations for each of your carriers. It also processes packages the same way regardless of the carrier so training users is easy.

Carrier-provided systems sometimes have hidden costs to you. If the carrier is providing a turn-key solution with a PC, scale and printer then you are likely not receiving your optimal rate discount. The carriers often will offset the cost of these “free” systems through your discounts.

Is DigitalShipper Enterprise available as SAAS (Software As A Service)?

No. DigitalShipper Enterprise is intended to run within a company’s network environment. This is largely due to strict guidelines set forth by a few of the national carriers and would violate end user and distribution agreements.