DigitalShipper Shipping Software Web Services

What is SOA?

Service-Oriented Architecture ( SOA ) provides IT infrastructure with easy tools for building and extending applications. SOA is built around business processes to separate functions into distinct services that can be combined with other services or reused in application development. SOA enables companies to develop robust user experiences that can be easily enhanced or changed through the underlying services that are used. Not only does SOA bridge the gap in hardware, software and platform dependencies, it is creating new standards on how developers approach building applications. Applications are able to be built in a manner that closely resembles how a business runs.

DigitalShipper Web Services

As Web services have become a common method for integrating systems, companies are looking for shipping execution software that is extensible to other applications either through APIs or Web Services. This is a growing trend among IT departments and companies desiring to develop their own interface to software that provides carrier compliance.

DigitalShipper's SOA-designed Web Services offer the most robust and complete set of shipping features in the marketplace today for designing your own shipping front-end or integrating DigitalShipper directly into other applications. Entity data types and full descriptions are also available for integrating shipping domain into an enterprise.

The suite of DigitalShipper products is built on Microsoft’s .NET technology platform and through our Web Services, Data Wizard, and standard Plug-in Architecture developers can build custom business rules and automation without having to hire an integration specialist or having an in-depth knowledge about shipping. DigitalShipper Enterprise’s standard interface uses the same DigitalShipper Web Services to communicate with the backend compliance engine so you can be assured that the Web Services methods are proven and reliable.

Exclusive Features of the DigitalShipper Web Services:

Quick Ship streamlines the shipping function for shipments by sending all the data in a single operation and provides the maximum efficiency and speed for a transaction that is done in one easy step. If all packages in the shipment are provided with a rate shop group, the Quick Ship will automatically select the least cost carrier and service using the Total Order Rate Shopping feature.

Rate Shopping is one of the core components behind our shipping and rating applications that make up the DigitalShipper product suite. Rate shopping can utilize either published rates or negotiated rates and can take into consideration transit times and accessorial fees. The DigitalShipper Web Services gives power and flexibility to the type of rate shopping that best suits your needs:

  • Basic Rate Shop – returns the least cost rate for the services in a rate shop group
  • Comparison Rate Shop – returns the rates for all qualifying services in a rate shop group
  • Ad-hoc Rate Shop – returns the rates for a list of services that are supplied by the caller
  • Total Order Rate Shop – the most accurate rate shop that uses all the packages in a shipment to return rates and can even compare small package (including hundredweight rating) versus LTL rating (including deficit weight rating) in a single operation

Out of Order Processing allows you to build and modify the data for your shipments as the information becomes available (i.e. create shipments, add packages, edit addresses, add/remove special services). DigitalShipper will even allow for shipping packages out of sequence for carriers and services that permit this type of processing.

Request Carrier Labels provides on demand label printing once a shipment has been shipped and is ideal for printing labels in batches, printing labels on automated conveyor systems with label applicators, or just simply reprinting a single label.

End of Day Activities such as closing a carrier or account and transmitting EDI files to the carriers can easily be called through the web services.

Configuration and Management for sites, carriers, accounts, services, users, workstations, and peripherals are included in the DigitalShipper Web Services for companies that want to develop their own front-end instead of using the DigitalShipper Management Console.