The DigitalShipper Advantage

DigitalShipper is an affordable solution for all your shipping needs. With a standard browser-based user interface, DigitalShipper is easy to use and customizable using the Plug-in Architecture. The DigitalShipper Web Services allow for seamless integration into your host application or warehouse equipment such as RF devices and conveyor systems.

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Inline Shipping Systems

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What is Inline Shipping?

Inline Shipping places shipping capabilities at key areas of your existing operations whether it is at a pick/pack station, RF (radio frequency) picking device, a conveyor line, or the end of a production line.

DigitalShipper Inline Shipping System

What components are necessary for Inline Shipping?

Shipping software, whether it is a carrier-provided system or 3rd party multi-carrier shipping system, is needed to generate carrier compliant shipping labels. In addition to the shipping software a label printer is required. A scale is necessary if you do not have accurate weights already available for each package that you are shipping. A scanner is a plus to allow the operator to scan the order or pick ticket number into the shipping software to quickly and accurately retrieve the address information.

What are key features to ensure shipping accuracy
and maximize efficiency?

Host Connectivity – Real time communication with your host system not only provides the most up-to-date information on the order but also saves time and eliminates data entry. Enhance your data exchange by using data to make shipping decisions such as applying special services, billing customer or 3rd party account numbers, setting routing instructions, and changing return address information.

Multi-Carrier – 3rd party shipping systems offer compliance for all the major carriers and many regional carriers from a single software application eliminating the need to separate your packages. When using carrier-provided software often workstations are needed for each carrier which can clutter up warehouse space and it requires sending packages down different lines depending on the carrier.

Rate Shopping – By using 3rd party multi-carrier shipping software you can rate shop between carriers and services to find the least cost. Rate shopping is most effective when utilizing your negotiated rates and incorporating transit times. By adding ground services with transit information into “1 Day”, “2 Day” and “3 Day” rate shop groups you can save money while still getting the package to its destination on time.

Customized Business Rules – Don’t rely on your shipping operators to make decisions about shipping especially at the end of the day at crunch time. Make your shipping software more intelligent by customizing it with your business rules. Not only will you gain efficiencies in processing time, you will be assured that all your shipments are being processed exactly how you want them.

Shipping Notes – Printed instructions on the pick ticket often get overlooked. So when you need to provide shipping instructions to the operator, having access to the notes on the shipping screen is essential and ensures the operator acknowledge the instructions.